Cuisine Romefort

Family, tradition and quality

Cuisine Romefort is a family business with tradition. Benoit Romefort has been trading copper products, French delicatessen, wine and other cooking utensils for more than 30 years. As a knife sharpener, he has sharpened thousands of knives; from cheap disposable items to unique forged items. His customers liked to be advised in his small store in Berlin, so he always put the essential tools for cooking close to them. In the process, he learned about the individual needs of his customers.

Despite different preferences, it became clear that there are a few basics that no kitchen should be without and that these should be of the highest quality, as they form the basis for the fun of cooking. With the active support of his son, his own brand Cuisine Romefort was founded. The products offered under this name stand for quality, tradition and proudly bear our family name.